24-Hour Vitamin Supplements

Heading into winter, many people are looking for immune support with Vitamin C and Nature’s Bounty is introducing what it calls a “one-of-a-kind supplement contains the only Vitamin C with 24-hour immune support.” The Vitamin C softgel supplement is a new, non-GMO solution that uses Ester-C to bolster the immune system and support upper respiratory health. The supplement is also fortified with Vitamin D and zinc, plus antioxidants and herbal favorites like elderberry and echinacea.

As Don Kerrigan, President, North America at The Nature’s Bounty Co. says, “Immune 24 Hour + contains Ester-C, the only ingredient on the market that provides round-the-clock immune support, and is clinically studied to last longer than regular Vitamin C.”

Image Credit: The Nature’s Bounty Co.

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