Individually Wrapped CBD Chocolates : CBD Chocolate Medallions

The Tauriga Sciences CBD Chocolate Medallions are a new offering from the brand that will offer consumers an easy way to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle in a pre-portioned manner. The dark chocolates are infused with 20mg of CBD isolate and will be sold exclusively from the brand’s website. The treats are reported to be lab-tested, and feature a recipe that is cholesterol-free, Kosher-certified, THC-free and non-GMO to boot.

The Tauriga Sciences CBD Chocolate Medallions contain just 49 calories each, which makes them perfect as a low-calorie treat that will also enhance a person’s sense of wellbeing. The medallions are available to purchase individually at a price point of $4.99 each and can also be purchased in three-packs for just $12.99.

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