Genderless See-Via Timepieces : Gucci Grip Sapphire

Gucci Grip Sapphire is the latest addition to Gucci’s Grip Line of timepieces. Impressed by the grip tape skaters use on their decks, the Grip Line sits securely on the wrist. The modern Gucci Grip Sapphire incorporates a see-through case, providing up a close-up view of the watch’s internal mechanisms.

The clear casing reveals the timepiece’s sapphire crystal craftsmanship, which your entire watch is fabricated from. The posh watch incorporates a rotating dial that jumps ahead as soon as each 60 minutes. Outfitted with a rubber strap on every watch, the luxurious model’s double G emblem is printed on the Gucci Grip Sapphire band to showcase Gucci custom.

Gucci’s modern timepiece is offered for buy in 4 colours. Inexperienced, blue, pink, and clear colour choices make for a vibrant addition to the Gucci Grip assortment.

Picture Credit score: Gucci

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