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Oops: Marvel’s new trailer might confirm a huge leak from 2021’s most exciting MCU movie

Marvel stunned followers on Monday with a three-minute montage that promotes its films in the very best methods. It options just a few of the unimaginable MCU moments that we’ve skilled for the reason that first Iron Man was launched in theaters, in addition to teasers for upcoming sights. Marvel revealed the titles for Black Panther 2 and Captain America 2, and it confirmed launch dates for Ant-Man 3 and Guardians 3 whereas additionally teasing the Incredible 4 reboot. One of many video’s highlights was the primary footage from Eternals, one of many 4 MCU Part 4 films set to be launched this yr. Marvel hasn’t even launched a teaser or a full trailer for the film, which is ready to premiere on November fifth. However the scenes that Marvel did present is perhaps sufficient to substantiate a large Eternals leak from just a few weeks in the past that was packed filled with spoilers. The movie’s total plot supposedly leaked in nice element from an individual who was vetted earlier than posting it on Reddit, and Marvel’s scenes from this new video appear to corroborate it. We’ll warn you that vital spoilers observe beneath, so cease studying proper right here if you would like Eternals to be a whole shock. The Eternals plot leak that we noticed in late March got here from a Marvel subreddit, with the mods explaining that they had been in a position to confirm the authenticity of the data. “This plot abstract was despatched to us just a few days in the past and was adopted by plain proof of factual data by the leaker,” they mentioned on the time. The leaker’s account of the Everlasting story got here from a “very early check screening” that featured unfinished FX, non permanent music tracks, and scenes which may not make it to the ultimate reduce. Right here’s the element from the plot leak that matches what we simply noticed in Marvel’s official video: Kingo [Kumail Nanjiani] is a Bollywood actor (there’s a brief dance routine that introduces this) and comes with the group alongside along with his valet (don’t recall the title) who tries to doc all the pieces on video. Marvel included a scene within the promo video that appears to substantiate that information, which nobody exterior of the folks concerned with the movie’s manufacturing would have identified. We now have Kingo within the forefront taking off his glasses, whereas an individual behind him is seemingly documenting all the pieces round him. We already knew that Nanjiani will play a Bollywood actor in Eternals who additionally occurs to be a strong Everlasting. However this particular scene matches the element from the plot leak from just a few days in the past. Until it is all a large coincidence, Marvel may need inadvertently confirmed the plot leak on Reddit. I’ve at all times mentioned that Eternals is without doubt one of the most enjoyable movies of MCU Part 4 that will probably be launched this yr, and that was properly earlier than all these leaks began coming in — and lengthy earlier than director Chloé Zhao gained an Oscar for Nomadland. That’s as a result of the movie options a fantastic ensemble forged, together with many new heroes who we haven’t explored within the MCU thus far. A few of them will doubtless be part of the Avengers sooner or later. Marvel’s clip reveals a lot of them in motion, not simply Nanjiani’s Kingo — right here’s the clip once more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdpxoFcdORI Lastly, right here’s the complete Eternals plot leak that was leaked just a few weeks in the past: There’s numerous leaping round in time to provide context to numerous plot factors – I don’t recall the entire linear order so will simply embrace the information as a part of the synopsis Opening title card explaining the Deviants and Eternals – the Deviants had been created by the Celestials to hunt predators that prey on clever life on newly evolving worlds, however then they began to hunt the life as properly, so Celestials created the Eternals to kill the Deviants. Opens 5000 years in the past in Mesopotamia a person is fishing on some rocks along with his son (?) and is attacked by a Deviant from the ocean. The Eternals present up and a brief battle commences, after which they line up in a triangular “hero” pose and this rolls into the Marvel emblem opening. Jumps to current day – Sersi [Gemma Chan] and Dane Whitman [Kit Harington] are academics within the UK and courting. Throughout a category lesson, a big earthquake strikes, and Sersi saves a baby from a falling object by turning it to sand. Later whereas out on a date, a Deviant assaults Sersi, Sprite [Lia McHugh], and Dane; through the battle Ikaris [Richard Madden] reveals up they usually battle it off after noting that they thought all of the Deviants had been destroyed and in contrast to others, the Deviant was in a position to heal its wounds. The group resolve to go to Ajak [Salma Hayek] as she was the chief of the group. After arriving on the midwest ranch the place she is now dwelling, they uncover her useless physique, A small golden machine leaves Ajak’s physique and enters Sersi (that is how she communicated with the Celestials) – they then resolve to spherical up the remainder of the Eternals to take care of the Deviants. Thena [Angelina Jolie] and Gilgamesh [Ma Dong-seok] are in Australia (I feel) as a consequence of a problem along with her reminiscence inflicting her to randomly assault the opposite Eternals. Gilgamesh is clearly in love with Thena however it’s not performed as a romantic relationship. Phastos [Brian Tyree Henry] and his husband dwell with their little one and he decides to assist as a consequence of the truth that he has absolutely embraced the human race and needs to guard his household. Makkari [Lauren Ridloff] has been dwelling within the Eternals ship all this time (I suppose, since there’s a bunch of meals containers and mess strewn about. Kingo [Kumail Nanjiani] is a Bollywood actor (there’s a brief dance routine that introduces this) and comes with the group alongside along with his valet (don’t recall the title) who tries to doc all the pieces on video. Druig [Barry Keoghan] resides in some rainforest controlling a small village of individuals after shedding religion in humanity and wanting to regulate them to cease battle, famine, and so forth. Gilgamesh is killed preventing the Deviants within the forest. Sersi learns that the Celestials created each races and that the Eternals are principally simply very superior robots. They seed younger planets with a Celestial ‘egg’ that takes eons to mature. The evolving clever life on these planets feeds the Celestial’s progress, so the Eternals are despatched to guard the evolving life types and kill the Deviants. After the emergence, the Eternals are ‘rebooted’ and despatched to a different world (that is the reason for Thena’s reminiscence concern, as she is aware of that the planet is doomed) – this cycle has gone on for hundreds of thousands of years. Earth was seeded and Tiamut is about to emerge (this was the reason for the earthquake earlier). As soon as woke up, the complete planet and all life will probably be destroyed. They debate on what to do and a few resolve to attempt to discover a technique to cease the emergence. Ikaris disagrees, Sprite and Kingo are on his facet however Kingo agrees to assist. Phastos designs a tool (Uni-Thoughts) that can enable Druig to channel all of the Eternals energies within the hope of controlling Tiamut and placing him again to sleep. Sersi learns that Ikaris knew in regards to the Celestials precise plans and for this reason he left the group tons of of years in the past. He killed Ajak as a result of she had determined to assist cease the emergence and save Earth. The group go to the place Tiamut is and try to make use of the machine – Ikaris and Sprite try and cease them. Sersi then makes use of the machine to amplify her energy and switch Tiamut to marble simply as his hand and a part of his head is rising from the Indian Ocean. Ikaris flies off into house (in the direction of the solar – unclear if he simply left or flew into the solar and killed himself), then Sersi makes Sprite an actual human with what stays of her energy. A number of days (?) later Thena, Makkari, and Druig go away within the ship to hunt out different Eternals and attempt to cease the cycle of destruction. Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos keep on Earth however are then pulled into house by Arishem and vanish. The 2 finish credit score stingers: 1) Dane is an outdated field and pulls out a sword that’s wrapped up. Simply as he’s about to the touch it, an off display screen voice stops him. 2) On the Eternals’ ship, Pip the Troll seems and introduces Starfox.

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