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LONDON: Can the willow get replaced by bamboo to fabricate cricket bats? If a College of Cambridge research is to be believed, it might probably and it ought to for “financial sustainability” and a “bigger candy spot.”
Conventional cricket bats are carved out of English or Kashmir willow however bamboo presents a less expensive possibility, in line with a research by Darshil Shah and Ben Tinkler-Davies from the College of Cambridge.
“The candy spot on a bamboo bat makes it a lot simpler to hit a 4 off a Yorker for starters, however it’s thrilling for all types of strokes,” Shah was quoted as saying by ‘The Instances’.
In line with the Guardian newspaper, “there are issues with the provision of English willow. It takes about 15 years earlier than a tree will be harvested, after which new bushes should be planted. Between 15 % and 30 per cent of the wooden can also be wasted throughout bat manufacturing.”
Shah, believes that bamboo is “low cost, plentiful, quick rising and sustainable materials. Shoots are capable of develop from earlier stumps, and maturity is reached after seven years.
“It’s also very prevalent in nations which are taking over cricket equivalent to China, Japan, South America as nicely,” he mentioned.
Of their revealed article within the journal of ‘Sports activities Engineering and Know-how’, the duo reveals that their prototype bat blade was constructed from strips of bamboo shoots caught along with a resin adhesive and fashioned into layers.
In line with the researchers, they discovered that the bat was “stiffer, more durable and stronger than these manufactured from willow, though extra brittle. It additionally had the same vibration efficiency, which means it sounds related when placing a ball.”
“It’s heavier than a willow bat, and we want to optimise that,” mentioned Shah.
The bamboo bat is meant to have a bigger “candy spot, nearer to the toe of the bat.”
Whereas the thought of bamboo bats could possibly be a novel one for starters, whether or not it could possibly be used within the worldwide market continues to be not clear as ICC’s rules permit solely bats made out of wooden.
And there was a counter-view as nicely on whether or not such a transfer is definitely believable.
Prof Mark Miodownik, an engineer and supplies scientist and director of the Institute of Making at College School London, mentioned: “…simply because bamboo is extra plentiful than willow doesn’t imply bats constructed from it might be extra sustainable.
“The entire life cycle of manufacturing, together with the manufacture of the laminating resins and their disposal, must be thought-about. Do these resins biodegrade as an example? If not, this could possibly be LBW for this new materials.”


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