Contemplative GABA-Infused Teas

The GABA Oolong Tea is an artisanal, small-batch tea that boasts enjoyable advantages by a neurochemical infusion of gamma-aminobutyric acid.

The Taiwanese tea, made by Mr. Xie and offered by Eco-Cha, includes a easy, fruity taste with a lingering end. The GABA Oolong Tea’s leaves are naturally farmed with novel agricultural strategies in a painstaking, multistep course of. The results of this course of is a fancy product that’s natural and genuine.

The GABA infusion on this tea makes it good for enjoyable, reflecting, and recharging after a protracted day. The GABA Oolong Tea targets health-conscious and new-age customers who need to experiment with pure cures and calming blends. The GABA Oolong Tea is a singular specialty tea that gives an fragrant style of wellness.

Picture Credit score: Eco-Cha

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