Photovoltaic Bike Pathways : Photovoltaic Pathway

As metropolis infrastructures slowly develop sustainable power sources, architect Peter Kuczia joins the initiative by making a photovoltaic pathway dubbed the Photo voltaic Veloroute. This multifunctional pathway will create power to energy on-site charging stations and lighting. The excess power collected might be distributed to different sustainable metropolis infrastructures comparable to electrical automobile charging stations and good benches.

Photo voltaic Veloroute is a partly enclosed construction with a rounded archway constructed from overlaid non-reflective glass photo voltaic panels. Kuczia, the mind behind the mission, explains that “Only one kilometer of [Solar Veloroute] might present round 2,000 MWh of electrical energy and will energy 750 households or present electrical energy for greater than 1,000 electrical automobiles driving 11,000 km per 12 months.”

Picture Credit score: Yanko Design

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