SKS All India – Life to a plant free Contest

People consume around 50 liters of oxygen per hour and each plant leaf gives off about five millilitre of oxygen per hour. If we all people come together and plant a sapling at home, will the requirement of the oxygen cylinders in India reduce to certain extent.? The SKS Team conducted a survey and the 100 percent response was “YES”

There is a saying…..Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them – Liberty Hyde Bailey

To initiate this and make it more enthusiastic, The SKS team has organised a Free All India plantation contest.

The SKS All India – Life to a plant free Competition is an Initiative to improve the environment.

Enroll today by sending a mail to [email protected] There is no age limit.

The participants Name, City & Contact number and the name of the plant should be sent to [email protected] initially to enroll in the contest, and the first photograph of the participant planting the seed or sapling has to be sent at the earliest on or before 20th of June 2021

For more details – Visit –

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