Electrical Hydro Foilboards : hydroflyer

South African firm Unifoil works in collaboration with Canadian inventor Jerry Mcarthur, to launch the Hydroflyer. Mcarthur has a background that familiarizes himself with using mountain bikes and snowmobiles. Regardless of being simple to journey, this new electrical hydrofoil reaches speeds as much as 50km/h and has a two-hour autonomy. Excellent for each sort of particular person at each talent stage to benefit from the thrills of high-speed water rides.

By attaching a handlebar to a light-weight carbon fiber foil board, the Hydroflyer creates extra stability factors for novices to begin using as they get it and for the extra skilled to attempt superior maneuvers. This results in a decrease studying curve, extra pace, extra security for the rider. The Hydroflyer is accessible for buy all all over the world for a worth of U$14,000.

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