Juicy Arduous Seltzers : Proof Level Spirited Seltzers

Proof Level Spirited Seltzers is a brand new line of laborious seltzer merchandise which can be ready with actual spirits and a splash of actual fruit juice. Seeing that there was a way of realness and authenticity missing within the seltzer class, the model determined to fill in with canned selections which can be unapologetic and refreshing. Brittany Lanier, senior advertising supervisor for Proof Level at Molson Coors, says “We’ve crafted Proof Level with high-quality spirits that had been beforehand lacking from the class, like barrel-aged whiskey, Caribbean rum, six-times distilled vodka and Mexican tequila.”

The premium laborious seltzer drinks can be found in varieties that pair whiskey seltzer with blackberry lemon, rum seltzer with mango pineapple, vodka seltzer with lime, and tequila seltzer with grapefruit—all of which boast zero sugar and simply 100 energy.

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